How do i make a query being executed via one click

I have a single db paradox file and i want to execute some querys every midnight..
I don't have any much knowledge about delphi or c++.
SQL is not installed on the system (and i rather keep it that way ) as the only purpose of the DB file is to keep some records (like address, mail,phone etc)..

I managed to make and apply my querys with  TUTI - Table Utilities

However i need to implement the code to a single exe or bat or anything that will import or export data with a single click since i have to deal with some ancient people.
*Examples of querys i need to apply
SET Address='Athinas 67', City='Athens'

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NerdsOfTechTechnology ScientistCommented:
Better yet you may be able to import from paradox to mySQL using a program. Then you could create cron job to run php code for the queries.

The select SQL does nothing but select data.

These are the only two queries you are running?

Otherwise, RECLASSIFY the zone of this question do get better results.
Make the click (assuming this is a click on a link, otherwise, never mind!) take you to the page, or keep you on the same page like this:

<a href ="">Click here</a>

then on the page you send them to, say:

if ($_GET['whatever'] == "update")
      do some query here;
FreebossAuthor Commented:
SO you say i need to connect the db file to a php server and apply the query with some html/php code..

I gonna do some search and try some things however i remind u that the only purpose of the db file is to being accessed via a simple program who imports and exports some fields..

It would be much simpler if i could add the query into some kind of code(ex.delphi)..

Anyway i will try the php thing and come and post later...
ANy further help or ideas would be much appreciated.
Thank you
What I mean is that you always need a connection string when you query a database, maybe you already know that. I have learned that on this website, you can't make any assumptions about what the person asking the questions knows. Sometimes they are very knowledgeable (in fact know more than I do!) and sometimes don't know anything.
NerdsOfTechTechnology ScientistCommented:

SET Address='Athinas 67', City='Athens'

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