Deleted windows child domain still listed on log on screen

I recently removed a domain controller for a windows 2000 child domain, by using windows dcpromo option. When asked if this domain controller is the last controller in the domain (which it was), I answered yes as I wanted the domain removing entirely.

Although the domain is no longer listed in Active Directory Domains and Trusts, it is still showing in one or two places:

When logging onto the network, the domain still appears in the drop-down domain list on the log on screen.

In the administrator Wins tool, it shows if I try to add a new replication partner. It is listed on the browse list, but is not shown as a child domain, i.e indented to the right, it is shown not indented as per the main domain.

I've looked through dns on the domain controllers in the main domain and the domain controllers in the remaining two domains and can find know reference to the deleted domain.
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Do you have WINS running?  If so, you may find entries for the domain on your WINS servers, and need to remove them.  Also, check AD Domains and Trusts to see if there are any trusts still in place for that domain.

the problem is due to metadata for the child domain not being cleaned.

follow the instructions given in the following microsoft KB to resolve the issue.

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I think if you dig down into this article you'll find what you want.

jon_kershawAuthor Commented:
I followed the instructions for using the metadata cleanup commands, but the domain was not listed, only the domains that still exist. I therefore could not remove it. Any ideas?
jon_kershawAuthor Commented:
The problem was that there was still a trust in the root domain to the deleted domain. The domain was listed as an external domain. I removed the trust and the domain has now gone from the logon list - excellent!
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