Where to place SAN

Looking at purchasing a powervault. We have 2 domains, each in its own vlan. communication among the VLAN is gigabit but going to another VLAN is 100MBIT

This causes a problem of creating a new VLAN for the SAN, sinc ethen communication would only be 100mbit.

I'm thinking then to just put it in the prod environment, since thats where it would be heavily used. But is this a potentional problem? I heard there would be lots of network traffic issues
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arthurjbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the device is truly a SAN, then there should be no data transferred across your ethernet network.  SAN means Storage Area Network, which is a separate network for your data.

The data will be on the fibre channel network that should be part of the san infrastructure.  

If you are using fibre channel over ethernet or the device is really a NAS (Network Attached Storage)  then it doesn't matter which of your networks it is placed upon.

Of course if you have many hosts that will be using it on one network and just a few on the other, then it should be placed where the most hosts will be accessing it.

Good Luck!
Sai Prasad KinneraConnect With a Mentor Support Delivery ManagerCommented:
Network traffic will certainly be hugh during backups however it depends on how the communication will bound to happen, in any case if data travel from 100 MB to 1 GB VLAN or vice versa the bandwidth taken will be their and it depends of how you can set it up.

Points i would certainly recommend before setting up.

1) how many servers needs to be backed up from both the domains
2) if the number of servers to be backed up are more in VLAN which carries over 1GB then connecting the powervault to one of them would be easier.
3) how many servers do you have in 100 MB network, check how much impact will it make if you back it up.
4) most importantly the time at which you want to back it up which is usually at night where traffic is slow unless it is a replication domain
5) see if you can afford to buy another powervault and attach to each of the backup server so that data travels in its own dedicated network.

hope this helps
shankshankAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys for the help. The key here was I didn't realize you can have your own secluded network for the SAN, completely untouched by my main network infrastructure
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