Table/View/Synonym not found - Can't query openedge db via ODBC


I'm trying to write a console application in that will query an openedge 10.1b database and return the results (yeah, I could use the Progress tools but I wanna do other stuff with the data independent of the openedge server - this is just a proof of concept)

The connection seems to open ok - but having problems running a query.

I've attached my code - which fails at line 10.

The error returned is:

ERROR[42502][DataDirect][ODBC Progress OpenEdge Wire Protocol driver][OPENEDGE]Table/View/Synonym not found

Presumably there is something wrong with my query? The table removals definitely exists, and definitely contains the fields r-num and r-name - which are both

Any clues?

Imports System.Data.Odbc
Module Module1
    Sub Main()
        Dim DbConnection As New OdbcConnection("DSN=removedforsecurity;Uid=sysprogress;Pwd=")
        Dim DBcmd As New OdbcCommand
        DBcmd = DbConnection.CreateCommand
        DBcmd.CommandText = "SELECT r-num, r-name FROM removals"
        Dim DBReader As OdbcDataReader
        DBReader = DBcmd.ExecuteReader()
        Dim strcol1 As String
        Dim strcol2 As String
        While DBReader.Read
            strcol1 = DBReader.GetString(DBReader.GetOrdinal("r-num"))
            strcol2 = DBReader.GetString(DBReader.GetOrdinal("r-name"))
            Console.WriteLine(strcol1, " - ", strcol2)
        End While
    End Sub
End Module

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Chad SmithConnect With a Mentor Software EngineerCommented:

DBcmd.CommandText = "SELECT r-num, r-name FROM pub.removals"
MDWinterAuthor Commented:
Knight00 - I actually tried that before you replied and it partially works so I'll give you the points and start a new topic.

As a note for anyone that might come across this in future - to help get the sql query bit right I downloaded ODBCView as you can use it to pass the query to the ODBC driver and see what the result is.

There's also a problem with the hyphen in the field name but I'll put that in a separate post.
MDWinterAuthor Commented:
I also figured out the rest myself - the field names need to be enclosed in double quotes :)
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