Import table data into stored proc

I have a table that contains some contact data I need to import into my database.

Basically I need to know how to loop through the table and send each record to a stored proc that adds users like below (I know my syntax is way off).  I don't know if I should use a while loop or what, but I need to have the table values for parameters in the stored proc.

SELECT FirstName, LastName, etc FROM dbo.Import
INTO usp_AddContact FirstName, LastName, etc
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You can do something like this:


DECLARE @Counter INT, 
		  @FirstName VARCHAR(50), 
		  @LastName VARCHAR(50), 
SET @Counter = 1
SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY FirstName, LastName, etc) AS Row, FirstName, LastName, etc 
INTO #Import
FROM dbo.Import
WHILE @Counter <= (SELECT MAX(Row) FROM #Import)
	SELECT @FirstName = FirstName, @LastName = LastName, etc
	FROM #Import
	WHERE Row = @Counter
	EXEC usp_AddContact @FirstName, @LastName, etc
	SET @Counter = @Counter + 1

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You can also use a cursor as below:

	Declare @FirstName varchar(50);
	Declare @LastName varchar(50);
	DECLARE Contact_cursor CURSOR FOR
		select FirstName, LastName from <yourtableName>
	Open Contact_cursor
	FETCH NEXT FROM Contact_cursor into @FirstName, @LastName
			Exec usp_AddContact @FirstName, @LastName
			FETCH NEXT FROM Contact_cursor into @FirstName, @LastName
	CLOSE Contact_cursor
	DEALLOCATE Contact_cursor

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sklarboddsAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both of you, I ended up using the cursor because it seemed the most straightforward.
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