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Thanks in advance.

I was supplied a bat file to grant new permissions to a Progress user. However, the password for our sysprogress account contains a dollar sign and will not connect to the db. Is there a way to escape the dollar sign (I've tried ^ and \). Or have the password pulled from a text file?
call c:\epicor\oe101b\bin\sqlexp mfgsys -H localhost -S 8350 -user sysprogress -password pa$sword -infile C:\epicor\odbctableList400.txt -outfile C:\epicor\odbcresults.txt -sqlverbose

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NotSoShabbyAuthor Commented:
It turns out the problem was not a batch problem. It was actual an issue with the SQL Connect utility which did not allow dollar signs in the password. Changed the password to something without special characters and I am all set
Poking around in the dark here: try using double dollar sign as in pa$$sword
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