Roaming profile become local profile after password change

Hi All,

         I'm having a strange issue with the roaming profiles in our w2k3 domain.  Every time a WinXP user with an expired account password try to logon to their computer, they'll get prompt to change their password and able to change it and login normally. However the weird thing is that their profile will get changed to local profile after they login, even if they logoff from the machine, it will still remain local the next time they login (if they don't reboot their machine). The only way to restore their profile to roaming status is when they physically reboot their computer. Anyone have seen this problem before?

All user are running WINXP with SP3, Server are fully patched W2K3

I have seen a discussion of user have similar problem here but no solution:
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Jon WinterburnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am certain this is a fault within the latest version of LSASRV.dll, which is provided with XP SP3 and Vista. The fact it has been admitted by Microsoft and a fix provided for Vista is in my opinion evidence of this being a Microsoft problem. I suspect that like Vista, this is a bug within the updated LSASRV.dll within SP3.

On a TEST machine which is experiencing this problem, replace LSASRV.dll with the last most recent one (from SP2 - 5.1.2600.3249) - this seems to have worked for some users in the following PAQ (check out the last few posts)
Jon WinterburnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I meant to add - this is the Vista problem I was referring to:

Until Microsoft own up to/do something about the self-same problem in XP, I think your only option is my previous response. But if you do go for it, please make sure you keep an eye out for when MS does finally release a hotfix for XP...
livetsAuthor Commented:
Microsoft issued KB958058 for this problem about 2 days after we posted this issue.  We are considering this closed at our facility.  
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