E450, Solaris 7, hangs with solid Acitvity LED

I have a E450 running Solaris 7 which hangs with solid Acitvity LED light.  No keyboard lights, no other lights, no crash dump, nothing in auditing.  I can get the machine backup up and responsive by either cycling power or pulling the keyboard plug and replugging it in.  No response to L1A.

What else should I check?

No, not under maintenance; can't upgrade Solaris versions, etc.

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You may also want to pop the covers, and reseat all the boards, cpus, and connectors.

Solaris 7 ?  man you should push for an upgrade.  There is almost nothing that runs under 7 that won't run under 9....
Does it hang during normal operations, or does it hang during boot?

If it boots and runs for a while before it quits, then it is likely a bad memory stick.
rbaskettAuthor Commented:
boots up fine, runs for a while (1 day to multiple days) then it just freezes.  i will be running some of the diags this week.

You can do an init 6 fine? Or it hangs too?

I'm not sure about the hardware issue. It's pretty uncommon that a system doesn't crash when encountered a memory/cpu problem. Or at least, this is my experience.
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