how do I setup ODBC database for use with endicia?

I am using Quickbooks Enterprise 2008 and Endicia Galaxy for shipping my packages. I would like to use a 3rd party utility provided by Quickbooks to integrate the two and pull customer address into Endicia Galaxy directly from Quickbooks. Then after shipping the package, have the tracking number posted back to the sales order and also have a shipping confirmation sent to the customer.  
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Bill BachPresidentCommented:
If you are a developer with C experience, then the SDk is a great way to go.  It also helps guarantee that your code is compatible with future releases of QuickBooks and supports all of the auditing requirements of the database.

However, if you are writing the third-party app, you'll need to ALSO interface to the Endicia environment.  My experience with this specifically is limited, so I cannot help you much there.  

If Endicia provides and ODBC interface to their database, too -- then it would be FAR easier to create a little transfer tool using either an Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) tool, or even by just using MSAccess to interface the two systems together.
Bill BachPresidentCommented:
Does this mean that you already have the third-party utility?  If so, then the developer of this tool will give you the needed configuration steps.

If you need to write the third-party tool, then you will likely need to get access to QuickBooks either from a programming tool (via the QuickBooks SDK) or from ODBC (Via QODBC).

For the QuickBooks Software Developers Kit, contact Intuit directly at and follow tyheir links for developers and you'll find their free SDK.  This makes it possible to write QB-integrated applications yourself.

If you don't want to use the SDK interface, then you may use the ODBC interface instead.  This requires a purchase of the QODBC QuickBooks ODBC Driver, which also comes with its own installation instructions.  You can then write your own ODBC application to migrate data back and forth, as needed.
MojojijuAuthor Commented:
Interesting. I am fairly computer savvy and good at problem solving, if all I am really doing is mapping approximately 10 fields into the Endicia shipping software then posting back a tracking number to quickbooks, do you think that this would be beyond a layperson to do?

More simply, do you think it would be worth attempting or should I just pay the $200 for the QODBC driver and rock on?

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