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Hi, When scheduling a meeting in outlook 2007 (connected to exchange 2003) and inviting attendees, when they reply to the invitation it goes to all attendees. Is there a way to get responses just sent to the person organising the meeting?

Thanks, Jerry.
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I know this may sound like a trivial question, but are they "replying to all", "replying", or "accepting" the invite? The only way for outlook to send to everyone is obviously replying to all on the invite. If they choose "Accept", it will only go to the mtg organizer.

jerryhattAuthor Commented:
Thanks, coolsport00. I have not seen the error myself, but had the question asked to me by a colleague. As far as they know, the people are replying to the invite and making comments such as "I can make it an hour later" or similar. I feel also that they might be "replying to all" if by design accepting the meeting request only goes to the meeting organiser. Thanks. Jerry
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