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I have a client that 350 backup exec servers across the country. Each Bes has a tape drive and does the local backup to tape at each bes server. All jobs and definitions will stay with the local servers. The BES server are a mix of versions from 10d to 12 I am going to recommend that the server running caso run 12.5 backup exec. The server that we will install 12.5 will be a vmware server I need a list of specs for the vmware server running teh caso server. I also need to know if the sql that comes with symantec backup exec will be goo denough as we have 350 bes servers. If so how much disk space will be needed for the caso server. They only want visability on notifications of events on servers but keep functionality local. Any help woyuld be great first time working with CASO
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Sai Prasad KinneraSupport Delivery ManagerCommented:
I assume that you are going to install VI client on the CASO server so that you can monitor all the BE agents as well as the VMware servers.

All you have to do is get the license for CASO, VCB, agent for windows for all the VM's running

As CASO already provides you with central database option would crertainly suggest to point the db to a dedicated full blown SQL server as the data pumped in to the SQL will be hugh and you need to make sure you run maintainence to it.

General info about how CASO works is given below

and installation

to get more information click on help and topics under BE manager and to through the contents.

hope this helps

350 servers would be too ambitious for CASO. Even with a full blown SQL Server install.
35 would already be a stretch.

If you only want notifications of events, why don't you use the SNMP functionality of Backup Exec to send traps to a central monitoring system.
zenworksbAuthor Commented:
i am working with symantec on the gig and they are sayng this is teh way to go, I am just installing. so I would need a full blown SQL what woudl teh space requirements be/.
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