Raising Events from a class library

I am in a scenario where I have made a class library (*.dll) file.
At some point I need to raise an event( from within a class of the *.dll library) of a class(Like Event in the Class shown Below) which is outside or out of the scope of the *.dll library. How do I do it?
Do I need to add interface in that particular class of the *.dll library and implement in the calling class or any technique?
Does anybody have some idea?

Public Class SomeClass

         Public Event SomeEvent

End Class
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Hawkvalley1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
In you form where you will call it do this:
'Form_Load event
Dim sc As New SomeClass
AddHandler sc., AddressOf
'make a sub named the same as
Private Sub
   ' do stuff
End Sub
In order to call SomeEvent, you would need to have a reference to an object of SomeClass type, or to create a new one.

biplavoAuthor Commented:
I didnot understand quite precisely.
Could you please illustrate withan  example ?
Yes, that was what I meant. You should call it the same way as you call button click event. If this class is in external dll, add reference to this dll first.
I answered the question completely and correctly. Shouldn't I get some points?
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