The RSS webpart does not support authenticated feeds.

I have a blog inside my sharepoint network. whenever I try to post the RSS on another page in sharepoint iget this message

"The RSS webpart does not support authenticated feeds."

I've tracked the message down and I've found the following information on the net...

basically it says that I have to change to Kerberos authentication:

1.       On the Central Administration page, click Application Management.
2.       Under the Application Security section, click Authentication Providers.
3.       Click the Default provider, and change Integrated Widows authentication to Negotiate (Kerberos)

I can do that, no questions asked...seems simple enough.

My real question is, if I do that, and I change from integrated windows authentication...what would change? what would I loose? Im not very clear on that front and before I start changing default protocols I want to know what I'm moving and what I should expect as a result.

Any input you guys can give me would be most appreciated.
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This article might help:
How it impacts you depends on what other services you have that require authentication (for example, SQL)
msomohanoAuthor Commented:
when I go into the Central Admin for sharepoint and i move the selection from NTLM to Kerberos, I get this pop up message:

You have chosen to use kerberos with Integrated Windows Authentication.  Manual configuration steps by a domain administratorwill be required if the application's pool security is not Network Service.

don't know exactly what that means or expects me to do.
Most likely the issue is related to service principal name (SPN) not configured. See article for more info.
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