Adding POP3 Connection Manager in SBS2003

I have a client that requires a POP3 Connection in thier SBS2003. The server crashed and had to be rebuilt from scratch. SBS2003 Server and Exchange server is already installed. Email accounts are already in place as well, as I restored these accounts from a backup.

Now when I go to the CONNECTORS module and right click to add POP3 Connection Manager, it is not one of the options. I only have SMTP, TCP X400, X25 X.400, Dirsyncrequestor,Dirsync server available. How do I add the POP3 connection manager option?

Do I reload exchange??? Please say no....

I know POP3 Connection Manager is not the best way to do this, but this is the way the config was originally. The way it was setup before, is like turning over a rock and a bunch of roaches come flying out. I do not want to touch anything else if I don't have to...make sense?

The end goal is, the client needs to be able to pop thier ISP for email and have SBS2003 with Exchange 2003 distburst the email to the respective email boxes on the server.

Any guidance from the experts is much appreciated.

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jdurand976Connect With a Mentor Client Solutions EngineerCommented:
I would open up server management then to Internet and email , then select internet and email options . Once that wizard starts it will walk you through getting pop3 re-set and back up and running and it will not overwrite exchange or AD
jdurand976Client Solutions EngineerCommented:
The one time I had to re-install the POP3 connection manager I ran the IMBREG.exe from the following directory.  C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Networking\POP3 Folder.
Matt_MercurioAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the thought and I think I am getting closer....

With your suggestion, I went looking for the folder. Windows for Small Business Server is there. However, there is nothing under it.

Also, I still have the "Continue Setup" icon for SBS on the desktop and once clicked, it will start to continue setup. Curious thing. the server, DHCP, AD, WINS, DNS all seem to be working correctly. SO do I still need to complete the setup? Is this why my POP Connection Manager is not an option? If I continue with the setup, will it overwrite my Exchange and AD setup?

Very nervous here....

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