Microsoft Excel has not been installed for the current user Please run setup to install this application

Hello, I am hoping someone can help me. I have a user account in a domain that's got me scratching my head. All of a sudden she got the message: "Microsoft Excel has not been installed for the current user Please run setup to install this application." This happens on all of the Office Apps. I've seen solutions to this online but they don't fit the criteria for this issue. The user currently has Adminrights on the domain, and when she logs in on another PC in the domain she has no problem running Office apps. When I log in as another user on her PC I can run all of the Office Apps. When I restart her PC and log in as her, the first time I fire up Word, or Excel, etc. I get a macro security error saying the user of the Administrator did not install the features you're trying to use. (Something like that) After I click OK I get the same error as stated above. I keep going in circles and am stumped. It has something to do with the registry somewhere, because I've repaired, re-installed and ran updates three times now and it still doesn't work. I even renamed her profile and logged in with a fresh one and still got the error. I hope being this thorough helps you.
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If you haven't already, take a look at the opa11.dat file and try giving her explicit permissions.

The file should be in a path similar to: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Office\Data\ and you may have to go into the folder options and choose to show hidden files and clear the -- hide extensions for known file types - box.
mikeg1265Author Commented:
Hello and thanks it worked.
I have the same problem and so far haven't been able to find a solution.  None of the following actions have worked:

- repaired office
- reinstalled office
- the opa11.dat permissions are fine
- replaced mso.dll with an older version from a backup

Nothing works.  The only solutions seems to format my computer and reinstall XP + Office entirely.

Before I do this while cutting my veins with a chainsaw, can someone please help?

Thank you,
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