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I recently purchased an HP HDX16t.  The one issue that I seem to have is the Quick Touch area at the top.  For no reason, the volume starts clicking and the treble setting is increased.  Then it disappears.  At the same time, the wireless function that is usually lit blue for on, will turn to orange and disconnect itself.  If I touch the wirless icon on the Quick Touch bar, it will enable again.  Weird deal.  Wondering if anyone has a fix for this.  I am running Windows Vista 64 Bit with 6GB RAM.
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As this laptop is brand new i would contact the manufacturer or retailer about this.  It is most likely covered under warranty, and sounds like a possible loose connection.  It may be a minor program glitch, but only if there is a separate program that controls the quick touch area.  If you start taking things apart you will probably void the warranty, and this issue may be a symptom of greater issues best repaired under warranty.
Tapan PattanaikSenior EngineerCommented:
hi melissajo,
                     your HP HDX16t Notebook is covered under warranty. So, better to contact  hp. For contacting use this link

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