SQL Server 2005 Management Studio Scripting Bug Fixes not found

I want to script my database objects and include both the create and drop statements. Suposedly, this was fixed in SP2 but my installation doesn't show this option. I tried looking under Tools | Options for the Scripting page but I can't see it. When I execute SELECT @@Version, it says Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - 9.00.1399.06 (Intel X86)   Oct 14 2005 00:33:37   Copyright (c) 1988-2005 Microsoft Corporation  Developer Edition on Windows NT 5.1 (Build 2600: Service Pack 3)

Am I missing something?
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If you are on build 9.00.1399 then you are on the RTM version of SQL2005 with no Service Pack. You probably want to download Service Pack 3 for SQL2005 which can be found here http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=ae7387c3-348c-4faa-8ae5-949fdfbe59c4&displaylang=en
ZekeLAAuthor Commented:
Doh. I looked quickly at the version info and see Service Pack 3 and don't notice it's for the OS, not the software. Thank you.
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