SHDocVw.InternetExplorer from 2.0 or sql server 2005

hi all
i made a Console that is loging in to a website to get information and i am using SHDocVw.InternetExplorer
 and the code in the console is

Dim MyInternet As New SHDocVw.InternetExplorer

and then on my web site i want a user to press a button that will execute this console
and the code i use is

Dim Proc As New Diagnostics.Process
 Proc.StartInfo.FileName = "C:\MyFiles\MyProgram.exe"
Proc.StartInfo.Arguments = "123"

so when i run the site locally on the server it works fine, but when i come to my site from outside it gives an error, i have set the permission from the console to everyone but i the error happens when the console comes to

Dim MyInternet As New SHDocVw.InternetExplorer

looks like i dont have permission to InternetExplorer

i tried

 Proc.StartInfo.UserName = sUser
Proc.StartInfo.Password = sPassword

but no luck

i also tried to run this console from SQL server using exec master..xp_cmdshell
but the same think i get access denied when the console gets to this line

Dim MyInternet As New SHDocVw.InternetExplorer

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spprivateConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Now where does this exe lies.In the IIS right.
So create an user in the web server and give him admin rights.
So something like a service account or app user.Then from your app pass that credentials.

Also you need to take care of few more things
You need to give admin rights to the user to execute exes in IIS.
But it is pretty risky
mbacsAuthor Commented:
and how do i do that?
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mbacsAuthor Commented:
iis dose have permission to run the console, but the problem is that it don't have permission to use the "SHDocVw.InternetExplorer" object, so where can i give  permission for that?

(the console dose start but when it gets to create the InternetExplorer object then it falls)
mbacsAuthor Commented:
you helped me a lot thanks
but its still not working, i changed from using SHDocVw.InternetExplorer to HttpWebRequest / HttpWebResponse and i am requesting from and not calling a console
but i still have almost the same problem so i opened a new question

thanks again
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