What Crystal Report parameter do I need to specify to print a 30256 Shipping label directly to a Dymo Labelwriter 400?

I have a VB6 application that prints to directly to a Dymo Labelwriter 400 using Crystal Reports.
If I use: Call report.PrintOut(True) I can select the Dymo Labelwriter 400 printer via the printer dialog and the label (30256 Shipping) prints out correctly. (True means prompt user for printer selection) (False means no printer selection menu displayed)

However, if I use: Call report.PrintOut(False) the label still goes directly to the labelwriter BUT all the information in the label is printed in a small font fitting in the bottom half (or less) of the label. The user does not want to see the Printer Selection menu. What additional parameter(s) (and correct value(s)) do I need to specify to get a correct label?

Call report.SelectPrinter(LablPrinterDriver, LablPrinterName, LablPrinterPort)
Call report.PrintOut(False)

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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You shouldn't have to specify anything.

Try this
Open the report
Select the Dymo printer
Save the report

Make sure the Dymo printer is set as default on the machine
Run the report

MedinahMikeAuthor Commented:
Well I got it to work. You were on the right track. What I did was:
1. Open the report and select Page Setup.
2. Select the Label (30256 Shipping)
3. Click the Printer... button (still on the Page Setup dialog) and select Dymo
4. I zeroed out all the margin sizes. Crystal replaced the zeros with new margin numbers.
5. Saved the Report.
I can't set the default printer to Dymo because the default must remain their HP-1300 which prints out the other reports, but now the label goes directly to the label printer with no printer selection menu.
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