Exchange 2007 on Windows Server 2008 in an 2003 AD Environment?

We are planning to go to Exchange 2007 and our in the process of specing a 64 bit system.  It also seems like now might be the best time to load this system with Server 2008.  All of my domain controllers are running server 2003 and they CANNOT be updated to 2008 at this time.

So can I install 2008 for exchange or should I install it on 2003?  The exchange server will not be a domain controller.
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ikshf143Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Yes you can install Exchange 2007 on a Windows 2008 leaving the Domain Controllers on Win 2003. No issues at all. But if you implement a Windows 2008 server as a DC then u might run into some problems.

And, it is also always recommended to never place Exchg on a DC, so you are in the right in that regard, as well.

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