SQL Server Express with DAO?

I've written an application in Visual Basic 6, it uses DAO database calls to grab data from an Access 97 backend. The data names are referenced via windows ODBC names.

As the database has significantly grown, I'd like to upgrade the backend to Sql Server Express edition.

Des SQL Server Express 2005 edition support DAO methods? Has anyone ever done a migration like this? Any other tips or suggestions? Thanks.

Just to give an overview of the connection...

-user loads client EXE (VB)
-client creates reference using ODBC name to data recordsets.
-client updates or views data from database using DAO methods.

The client has a builtin reference to MS DAO 2.5/3.5 compatibility library.

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It should run well enough. For upsizing the tables, etc you probably want to use SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access instead of the Upsizing Wizard.
Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
Yes, you can open SSE databases with DAO. In general you're better off with ADO, however.
blueskies77Author Commented:
Cool thanks. With converting the code to ADO I'd just a sooner keep DAO as the VB code is really huge and there is 1000's of database calls I just dont have the time to do it.
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