Office 2003 freezing when saving

Whenever I try to save using MS word 2003 it hangs. The save dialog pops up quickly. But if I try to save to another directory, by clicking on the select box, it freezes for 20+ sec before showing me the directory tree. It freezes every step of the navigation.

I do have mapped network drives which will timeout because the computers are often turned off. I read that this can be remedied by changing registry:

Office --> 11.0--> Common --> Open Find -->

Adding dword DisableAutoSelect = 1

Tried it, but no change. Any idea how to stop the lag time?
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Erik PittiCommented:
Here's the path you need to take to resolve this issue.  The other KB article you're referring to is in reference to shared drives with many shortcuts to other shares, that does not appear to be your issue.  I've seen this before in Office 2002 and higher.  It's always due to mapped drives that have gone offline.  The options you have available to resolve this are documented in the following KB:

The program stops responding when you try to open or to save a file in an Office 2002 program, in an Office 2003 program and in an Office 2007 program
zargnutAuthor Commented:
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