Working with event Models - issues with grabIt, moveIt functions

Posted on 2009-04-27
Last Modified: 2013-11-19
I have a practice assignment that I coded from start to finish.  The page has a scroll bar on the bottom that is supposed to scroll when you click and drag on it using the mouse.  I have it working using the left and right direction buttons but it should work with both.  My tutor is of no use to me.  I have been staring at this since last night and I can't figure out what is wrong.  I fixed all of my typos and made sure everything is as it should be.

I need an extra set of eyes to proof what I have done.  Is there anything I missed?


<title>Badger Aviation</title>

<link href="images/styles.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

<script type="text/javascript" src="functions.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript">  // #2 added embedded script element


if (document.images) {

var slide=new Array();  // #a created image array and added images 0-9

slide[0]=new Image();

slide[1]=new Image();

slide[2]=new Image();

slide[3]=new Image();

slide[4]=new Image();

slide[5]=new Image();

slide[6]=new Image();

slide[7]=new Image();

slide[8]=new Image();

slide[9]=new Image();












var IE = document.attachEvent ? true:false  // #b global variable to indicate if IE event model is supported

var DOM = document.addEventListener ? true:false  // b global variable to indicate if DOM event model is supported


function applyEventF(obj, ename, fname, capture) {  // #3a adds function to an object as the event occurs

		 if (IE) obj.attachEvent("on" + ename, fname);

		 else if (DOM) obj.addEventListener(ename, fname, capture);



function removeEventF(obj, ename, fname, capture) {  // #b removes attached function from an object

		 if (IE) obj.detachEvent("on" + ename, fname);

		 else if (DOM) obj.removeEventListener(ename, fname, capture);



function eventPositionX(e) {  // #c returns the x coordinate of an event

		 if (IE) return event.clientX;

		 else if (DOM) return e.clientX;



function getKeyCode(e) {  // #d returns keycode value of a keyboard event

		 if (IE) return event.keyCode;

		 else if (DOM) return e.keyCode;



function setup() {  // #4 sets up the page for the operation of the horizontal scrollbar

		 var button=document.getElementById("button"); // #a references the element with the id "button"

		 button.onmousedown=grabIt;  // #b document object that runs the grabIt() function

		 document.onselectstart=stopSelect;  // #c document object that runs the stopSelect() function

		 document.onkeydown=keyShow;  // #d document object that runs the keyShow() function





function stopSelect() {  // #5 returns the value false

		 return false;



function grabIt(e) {  // #6 created function to grab the scroll bar button

		 //dragItem = eventSource(e);

		 //mouseX = eventPositionX(e);

		 //mouseY = eventPositionY(e);

		 //diffX = mouseX - getXCoord(dragItem);

		// diffY = mouseY - getYCoord(dragItem);






function moveIt(e) {  // #7 created function and added parameter "e"

		 var mouseX=eventPostionX(e);  // #a current position of the X postion of the event 

		 var diffX=mouseX-200;  // #b current position of the scrollbar button

		 var buttonposX=diffX;  // #c makes sure the scroll button is not dragged off of the scroll bar

	     if (buttonposX < 20) buttonposX=20;     

		 if (buttonposX > 299) buttonposX=299;      

		 placeIt(button, buttonposX, 6);  // #d function to place the scroll button object

		 showImage(buttonposX);  // #e calls the showImage() function



function dropIt() {  // #8 created function to detach moveIt() from the mousemove event occuring in the scrollbutton object




function keyShow(e){  // #9 function is to move the scroll bar button using the left and right arrows on the keyboard.

    	 key=getKeyCode(e);  // #a stores the keycode value

    	 buttonPosX=getXCoord(button);  // #b stores the x coordinate of the scrollbar

    	 if (key==37) buttonPosX -= 31;  // #c left arrow key is pressed, decrease the value by 31

    	 if (key==39) buttonPosX += 31;  // #c right arrow key is pressed, increase the value by 31

    	 if (buttonPosX < 20) buttonPosX =20;  // #d setting values on the buttons  

    	 if (buttonPosX > 299) buttonPosX = 299;  // #d setting values on the buttons

    	 placeIt(button, buttonPosX,6);  // #e places the scroll bar at the coordinates

    	 showImage(buttonPosX);  // #f calls the showImages() function

    	 return false;  // #g returns value as false so that Safari treats the arrow keys as single buttons



function showImage(x) {  // #10 determines which image to display based on the postion of the scrollbar button

		  var i = Math.floor((x-20)/31);  // #a coverts x coordinate range into an index number
 = slide[i].src;  // #b changes the source of the slide[i] image







<body onload="setup()">  <!-- #11 added event handler to the body element that runs the setup() function-->


<div id="logo"><img src="images/logo.jpg" alt="Badger Aviation" /></div>

<div id="corner"><img src="images/corner.jpg" alt="" /></div>

<div id="links"><img src="images/links.jpg" alt="" /></div>

<div id="title"><h1>Flight Photos</h1></div>

<div id="photos"><img id="photo" name="photo" src="images/image0.jpg" alt="" /></div>


<div id="bar" style="position:absolute; top: 450px; left:180px; width: 368px; height: 41px">

<div id="button" style="position: absolute; top: 6px; left: 20px; width: 50px; height:22px">





<div id="message">See photos from one of our popular

                  Dane County tours. Scroll through the slideshow 

                  using your mouse or the right and left arrows on 

                  your keyboard.






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Question by:seeminglylost
    LVL 18

    Expert Comment

    could you make those images external links ? I have to images and I would like to see what is going on but I dont want to spent time creating images etc.. :)

    Author Comment

    LVL 18

    Expert Comment

    cant you just pack them ?:D ehh..
    LVL 18

    Expert Comment

    You did not gave me css so I did not saw bar hah;) ok now I see it, hopefully its enough to check what is wrong in your code
    LVL 18

    Accepted Solution

    Well... Please install firebug.... there you would find that you have literal problem:

    79:                var mouseX=eventPostionX(e);  // #a current position of the X postion of the event

    should be:

                    var mouseX=eventPositionX(e);  // #a current position of the X postion of the event

    blah... I spent more time downloading stuff and creating test case that finding this bug :P

    If you use IE, just install Microsoft Visual Web Developer  that has attached debugger to it It really helps solving that type of bugs :)

    Author Closing Comment

    As per your recommendation, firebug has been installed.  Thanks so much!

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