Align CreateUserButton in ASP.NET CreateUserWizard control

I am having a difficult time getting the CreateUserButton to align left in the CreateUserWizard control. It appears to be defaulted to align right. I have converted the control to a template, but the buttons are not generated in the code. I've tried everything I can think of and have had no luck.

Please help, thanks!
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game_mcConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Wow this was an easy one. I found my answer here:

I must have looked over the button when I converted the control to a template or converted it to the wrong template. You can convert the CreateUserWizard to StartNavigation, StepNavigation, FinishNavigation, and CustomNavigation templates. There's also an "Edit" step for your steps in the control. This is somewhat confusing. Anyway, the CustomNavigation template is the one that provides the asp code-behind for aligning the Create User button.

Thanks anyway
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