IPOD is not restoring no matter what.

While trying to restore a persons IPOD I get the following message from itunes restore function

"the ipod ipod cannot be restored because it contains files that are in use by another application"

Can anyone help, google has come to a dead end. Or the IPOD has come to a deadend.

Thanks in advance.
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Connect the iPod to the computer>Close iTunes
With the AV of your choice select the Drive letter thar was assigned to the iPod and do a full scan/search
Do you have another computer with iTunes available that you could try using? That would at least isolate if the problem is related to your iPod or your computer.
It may be that the iPod has a virus and when it's connected to a PC the virus starts and that's why you get the message
pointercctvAuthor Commented:
What would be the best solution to fix the virus?
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