Website Templates and DB pages

I'm in a hurry to make a website.
I could do my own, but it will cost me a great deal of time
I was wondering if there are some sites that offer some professional website templates and
db pages that will work with the template.
These can be separate, but it is is together that's even better
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blacksixConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We may be able to provide a better commendation if you can give us some details about what type of 'db pages' you mean?

There are some great open source (free) content management systems out there with lots of free (and pay) themes/templates available.

look at drupal -
joomla -

as far as templates and themes - check out top notch themes for drupal specific themes (pay themes but very good) -

also template monster has tons of cheap website themes to choose from for all different types of systems -

the more specific you are the more we can help give a good recommendation
kmc10314Author Commented:
Thanks! I'll take a look at all those!
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