disadvantage and of using VPN.

My admin suggested using VPN instead of SSH.  
My network is the client and the Admin is the Server.
Will the VPN login be seen as a login so I'll know they are logged in?
I feel the VPN is loosing control.  
I'm not sure about.  

Any feedback
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Are you using SSH as a tunnel?
A VPN will not by default grant access to resources that require authentication.
Lets say currently you have your server exposed to the Internet and you use ssh to establish connections.

Do you have LAN <=> Internet <=> Server LAN

Depending on the VPN, you may have granular control i.e. each connection has their own VPN or you have a site to site VPN and then whatever credentials are needed to access resources will need to be provided by the user which will generate login/logout.

A VPN will merely link your network and the server as though you were on a the same local network and the traffic between you will be encrypted.

The disadvantage can only be detemined if a full picture of the environment can be provided.

I.e. if you allow VPN connections from many users, the network is exposed if one of those users has a virus infected system.  This can be handled through VPn setup that limits the type of access allowed through the VPN connection.  
T_MylesAuthor Commented:
I believe its a SSH tunnel!
The objective is to eliminate the man in the middle so the admin can do the work from their computer
T_MylesAuthor Commented:
another point, only one person will tunnel.  How do I know that the machine that talking to my machine is logged on..  Its not just the individual its the server to client (me)connection.  
T_MylesAuthor Commented:
I am not sure what you expect from the flurry of posts.
If you still need help, please explain what you mean.
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