What Solid State Hard Drive willl work in my HP DV6700 Notebook

I am going to buy a used HP DV6700 Notebook and I want to buy a Solid State Hard Drive for it. How can I find out which ones will work with the existing Mother Board connection and BIOS.

I realize that I will have to reinstall the OS

I am Probably going to install XP Pro and/or Fedora

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jculkincysAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comment

How can I be sure that my bios and OS will recognize this?
f-kingConnect With a Mentor IT support technicianCommented:
Since the format is Sata and your current hard drive probably has a higher capacity then the current solid state drives ,the system should pick it up with no problems.
Up to 200gb should be no problem.
sorry I missed your last question, I agree with f-king. Your current drive would exceed the space the ssd, your bios can already handle something beigger so you should not have any problems.

Just make sure that it's a  2.5" drive with the SATA interface.

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