How can I configure Explorer to auto login to multiple home pages?

I have a version of IE 7 on my desktop computer with multiple tabs set as the home pages that automatically and simultaneously log in. I am trying to reproduce this setup on my mobile pc & I can't figure out how I did it on the 1st place ... is it a setting in explorer (beyond checking remember logins & passwords), an explorer addin, or something that roboform was able to help explorer to do? Its driving me nuts! Please put me out of my mystery!!

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Hello Chriztine111,

Internet Explorer remembers logins of websites by cookies.  So you need to not delete cookies in your mobile PC.  Do not delete cookies at close of browser.  

If you have a security program to remove history, do not allow it to remove cookies in your browser.

Hope this helps!
C-ShadowsEngineer - SupportCommented:
Adding to war1, if in case if you have not enabled the option...
Tools -> Internet Options -> Content Tab -> Autocomplete and enable remember username and password.
This will prompt you to save the username & password for the 1st time, and then it will remember the same.
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