Know of any working, easy to implement, free functions or procedures for encrypting simple strings of text?

I am coding things in Delphi 2009, and need to encrypt sensitive strings of information.

Can anyone paste an encrypt/decrypt procedure or link to a free unit or control that will provide strong string encryption at no cost?

I been googling for long time!
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JosephGloszConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I use old TurboPower's Lockbox a lot and it has everything you need.  RSA, Triple DES, Hashes, and a lot more.  Including high level functions such as 'EncryptString' and 'DecryptString.'  Also has all the low level and mid level stuff in case you want to a little more into it.

check out the port to Delphi 2009 at the link below.  It's all free and includes a great user's manual in PDF form.
TurboPower was well known for their phenomenal documentation.

JosephGloszConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also, the same components/classes and a lot more can be downloaded directly from:

If those great docs I was talking about are not included there, download them from

kthxbai2uAuthor Commented:
Great, a free component! thanks!

I am stuck here:
 3. Add the source subdirectory (e.g., d:\lockbox\source) to the
     IDE's library path.

and here:
5. Make sure the PATH environmental variable contains the directory
     in which the compiled packages (i.e., BPL or DPL files) were

I don't know how to do either in Delphi 2009, Given the time I'm sure I'd figure it out, but I don't have time right now, I work tomorrow :(
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kthxbai2uAuthor Commented:
The understanding was the readme's mistake from the component I donwloaded :)
well, in all versions of Delphi up to 2007, you simply add the path to the Environment section.  that is in D2007 you would go to

Tools | Options | Environment Options | Delphi Options | Library Win32 then add your additional paths to the existing library path. D2009 is likely similar, but I haven't tested it yet.
kthxbai2uAuthor Commented:
k I've done that but when I open the L208vd120.dpk file it gives me an error with a file path where the last 20 or so characters are squares... I think I will try to find another component, after checking its 2009 compatibility...

Thanks for help :)
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