Wireless AGN laptop works at work but not at home?

This is just wierd so I hope one of you experts can help.  When I am at work, my laptop connects to the available WIFI hotspot  as soon as it is powered up and I log into my desktop.  However, when I return to my apartment, I turn my laptop on (it is usually shut down properly) log into my desktop and .... nothing the wireless light is not on.  So I press the wireless button and the laptop tells me it has 'no wireless device' (which I think is an Acer BIOS prompt as it shows up as a subtitle effect the same as if I turn Caps on or Off or other functions rather than windows vista prompt) and connection manager obviously reports no wireless networks to connect to.  Subsequently, even if i delete any saved wireless networks from connection manager, if I return to work, the wireless light is on and can be toggled and it will connect quite happily to any networks.  No peripherals of any type are connected at either end.  
Whether I am at work or home, device manager tells me the device is working properly.  At home, the intel pro set wireless tool tells me it is powered off and windows diagnostics for "Why cant I connect to wireles networks" also tells me it is powered off and to press the button on the side of my machine..... which we know doesnt work - no wireless device reported.

It is an Acer Aspire 6920G with the Intel wireless wifi link 4965AGN Windows Vista Ultimate

Am I going mad or can this really be happening? Thanks in advance for the assistance
Clay WillingEng Ops MgrAsked:
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Clay WillingConnect With a Mentor Eng Ops MgrAuthor Commented:
Aha I see what you are saying.  I hadn't thought of that.... but that would be understandable if you could see wireles networks but not be able to connect.  In my case it just failed with "No wireless device" or similar.

However,  last night after weeks of trying, it started working after a reboot with no changes made in any way so I can't award any points but thanks for the reply.

Sorry again.
If at work you connect to a domain, you probably have a policy set on the domain that prevents you to connect to any other wireless devices than those at work. Can you logon to a local account on the PC (not to the domain)?
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