Can I get coax spdif from realtek acl885

I have a builtin Realtek ACL885 HD sound card on my MSI 7260 Nforc4 motherboard.  I also have an external decoder, which can decode digital signals, but I cannot figure out how to send a true digital signal from this card.

Also, if my solution requires a new sound card, are there any recommendations for what I want to do that are inexpensive.  Most cards that I've looked at (i.e. BlueGears b-Enspirer, or Creative X-Fi), but it seems they might be overkill since I would like the processing to be done on the external decoder.

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KavostylinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi There,

I am just confirming. The MSI-7260 Mainboard is K9N Neo-F.
This board actually ships with an ALC883 Audio Chipset.

Either way either of the chipsets in their standard configuration do not have an SPDIF port unless this has been something that has been added by the manufacturer.

What i would suggest is purchasing any of the lower-end creative card which have a PHYSICAL SPDIF port on the back of the card. This would solve your problem and shouldn't put you out of pocket too much.

beanbrownAuthor Commented:
Thank you!  

You are right, I checked again and it is an 883, not 885.  I can stop trolling forums (for hours) now, looking for this answer.  I did find that there are fibre cables about 18', which should work too (instead of coax, although being digital I'm not sure there is really a difference), but I will make sure to look for a physical spdif port.
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