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Terminal Server 2008 Performance

My customers log on to our terminal servers from the internet, we experience much hickups when there are more then 10 users logged on. I have no clue on the reason of this. We use Appsense for performance monitoring.

The server is a 2Ghz 2Core Xeon. 4GB memory, 80GB Disk. The only process that i see tha may cause the problem is Windows Defender. and the Local session Manager, these  are the only spikes i see on the task manager
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3 Solutions
try to operate, also just for test, on video performance parameters, as:
butmap caching,
monocolor desktop,
color deep,
display resolution,

to test of it is a band problem or CPU one.
Try also you to login, and verify what is slow:
if mouse move and/or tasks execution.
See also in TaskManager, performances and networking.

rtjdamenAuthor Commented:
I am shure it is not a bandwith problem, the server is connect to an 1Gbit uplink from our datacenter, the image of the screen is build up quickly, the biggest problem is that applications sometimes just freeze.
Do you have the Desktop Experience feature installed?
Do you have the Windows System Resource Manager feature installed?
Do you use HP printers?  In particular do you have the HP UPD installed?
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Have you taken a look to see what is happening using ProcMon (Microsoft SysInternals)?
rtjdamenAuthor Commented:
Hi There thansk for your post, we have the Desktop Experience package installed. We do not have the Windows System Recource manager installed, we have an alternative application named Appsense.

We have HP drivers installed and the UPD is included in that.
What version of the UPD do you have installed?  

If you do not already have it I would *strongly* recommend contacting HP support for the latest version of the HP UPD:  version 4.7.2.

This version of the driver is not on the website and is only available through through HP Support.  You will need to speak to the Imaging and Printing Group for the driver.  I warn you in advance that the first and second support tiers of support knew nothing about this driver when I contacted them - in the end it was only by contacting the IPG directly that I was able to get the driver.

The driver fixes several issues including several that affect system performance and stability on a terminal server...

rtjdamenAuthor Commented:
Ah thanks, i called HP but they said this driver was released but took back because of problems with it. Is it possible that you can provide me this driver?
Hmm... the guy I spoke to in IPG didn't mention any problems.  If there are problems I have not seen them and it definitely fixes the two biggest issues we were experiencing with the UPD.

1.  The installer runs every time a printer is connected.  We initially tried to work around this issue using the zero-byte files as outlined by a user (Michael Chung - Haas) the HP forums:  http://forums13.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/bizsupport/questionanswer.do?admit=109447627+1239120559452+28353475&threadId=1259636

2.  The registry is growing excessively.  Again we tried to work around this issue using the method outlined in the forum entry above.

Ultimately the driver was causing too much instability even with these workarounds present and we removed the UPD from the servers pending a new driver release.  

I am unable to provide you with the driver I am afraid - I was asked not to re-distribute it.
I just re-read the release notes and spotted...

UPD Release Release Date Driver Version Unidrv*.dll Version pscript5.dll
3.0 Q1 2005 60.51.1742.10 5.2.3790.184 5.2.3790.120
3.1 Q1 2005 60.51.1742.10 5.2.3790.184 5.2.3790.120
4.0 Q1 2007 60.71.546.0 5.2.3790.184 5.2.3790.120
4.1 Q2 2007 5.2.3790.184 5.2.3790.120 March 2008 6.0.6000.16386 6.0.6000.16386* May 2008 6.0.6000.16386 6.0.6000.16386 November 2008 6.0.6001.22127 6.0.6001.22127* February 2009 6.0.6001.22127 6.0.6001.22127

*Off cycle release available with HP new device purchase or through HP Support

This suggests that new printers would include 4.7.2 on the driver CD but is not available for download from the HP support site.
I would suggest getting the driver and trying it for yourself.  
rtjdamenAuthor Commented:
Looks like the virusscanner was the isseu, not very happy with it we bought this one couple of months ago after 2 months testing, the testing results were great. I will call Norman this monday to hear what they can do about the problem.

I uninstalled norman rebooted and everything goes fast, after a reinstall everythings slowed down again. What a mess!

Thanks for the solution.

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