Free Anti Virus software for windows 98 ME in business

We want to find a free anti virus software for windows 98 / windows ME in business environment.
Any advise? Many thanks.
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Clamwin AV :)

it works on almost any OS...
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Yes, clam works on most anything... but I wouldn't consider it good - and I don't believe it ACTIVELY scans a system - it can only scan when you ask him to.  But other than that, there is no free BUSINESS antivirus.  None that I've ever come across.  And I don't see why anyone but open source ClamAV would do it - since if you're business, you're point is to make money - go make money and pay for the AV (would be my attitude).
Avast is a really good one but not free if you use it in a business network. Will work on Windows 98 and Me.

There are simple and free ways to make ClamWin scan most system IO with plugins...if configured right (but this CAN be a pain without a tutorial) it's almost as good as any commercial scanner, but of course commercial scanners are faster with updates, don't ever require reboots (clamwin does sometimes) and are easier to deploy and manage centrally. I'd go for NOD32 or Avast, both are really inexpensive but very effective, especially NOD32 has a high price/quality score.
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