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Two small business servers in one network environment


is it possible two run two small business servers next to each other in one network / one segment? The thing is that we want to implement a new SBS server in a company which already run a SBS server, but the old (existing) SBS server runs a program which they must maintain for a few weeks. On the new SBS server they want to run a new version of the software they want to maintain on the "old" server. So that they can run bot the old and the new version of the software. When the new version on de new server is found stable, the old version and the old server will be fased out, so in the end only one SBS server will exist.
3 Solutions
You can have multiple SBS servers on one LAN, but you can't have them in the same domain, which would be what you would want. Each SBS server has to be the boss of it's domain. You can add a standard server to your SBS, that's no problem.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
SBS is licensed to be at the root of an AD forest and hold all of the FSMO roles. You have a 21 day limit to complete a migration from oldSBS to newSBS. After that, the oldSBS will start to spontaneously reboot on you.

See if the app can be virtualized on Win2K3 as a temporary solution. There are lots of ways to do this when there is a short time limit need.

Rob WilliamsCommented:
Not disagreeing with rindi, that is 100% correct, but based on your description...
You can run 2 SBS servers on the same domain for up to 7 days. This is built-in to allow for migrations. After this time one or the other SBS servers will automatically start shutting down due to a built-in "time-bomb'. You can however extend this to 21 days using the update in the following link. There is no way to extend this further but it might allow you time to do your testing.

You might also want to consider purchasing the swing migration kit from Jeff Middleton at http://www.swingmigration.com This allows you to systematically migrate from one SBS to another in controlled steps over as long a period a time as you like. It doesn't eliminate the 2 SBS DC's in the same domain limitation but it does allow for migration and confirmation of working services in stages over a longer period of time.

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