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Establishing a server-client connection for a multiplayer game

I am trying to create a chess-like two-person multiplayer game using CodeGear C++. I need some guidance on how to create a connection between the two persons(using the internet). One person will be the server (which will be able to change the properties of the game) and the other one the client. What is the easiest and safest way to establish such a connection and what documentation should I look for?

Thanks a lot.
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George TokasCommented:
>>and what documentation should I look for?
This is a large issue...
As for documentation: http://bcbjournal.org
January and February issues have articles about that...
Older versions of BCB had a chat directory under examples folder and it is a good starting point...
BUT you are forgetting ONE MORE thing...
The server machine has to have a known IP (there are ways)...
The internet connection has to forward the server listening port from router to machine...

George Tokas.
ChrysaorAuthor Commented:
Some free documentation? :) I've searched the net but I didn't found anything .. Not even the chat example you've mentioned.. Basically I don't know where to start.. I know how to program my game (for a single computer) but I have no idea how to create a multiplayer game..
George TokasCommented:
C++ Builder 3, 4, 5 Unleashed
C++ Builder 5, 6 Developers Guide

Check them out!

George Tokas.

P.S. You can't imagine the trouble I had find documentation....:-(

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