how to create multilanguage site with html controls

I have website and in which i am only using html controls.

and i want to make it multilingual, I know how to do this if i am using server side control but,
not sure about html controls and static text on  the we page.

how can i do this?
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I'd probably use jQuery to do it. Just done a quick search through thier plugins and found this it should do what you want for html controls and its pretty simple to use.
I'd just stick with the controls and not bother using raw html controls or static text on a page. If its multi language there wouldn't be any true static text anyway.
You could write a javascript function to replace the text based on a resource file but that seems like a lot of extra work to me when the .net controls can do it for you.
ziorrinfotechAuthor Commented:

yes, you are correct.
but still if i want to stick to html controls only.

then i can read resouce file and the values store into it??
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