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Is there a way to copy ones users contacts over to another users machine? They are both using Outlook 2003
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astralcomputingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In the file menu, choose Import and Export.
Export to a file.
Personal File Folder (.pst)
Click on the Contacts Menu
Save to an network drive or USB key.
Then do the import from the other computer.

David WallCommented:
You could either export contacts as a csv file and import that into the new computer.
Or if you are useing outlook exchange you could also share contacts with that user.
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mistyflyAuthor Commented:
Great thanks guys

MrPhenix - I have SBS, how could I share the contacts between certain users?
MrPhenixConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry mistyfly, my bad for not seeing that you use SBS.
There is no easy way of sharing contacts on SBS.
There is two ways:
-Either you can do this with a script or tool you can find on the internet (perhaps)

or you can use Sharepoint if you have that.
You can then import contacts into sharepoint
Beware that this only works if you have sharepoint and outlook installed on the same computers
mistyflyAuthor Commented:
Never mind, I don't have sharepoint. I tried to do the import export method above with worked but it didn't copy over all the contacts, it didn't seem to copy the contacts that were in the orginal users subfolders?
I'm not sure if I understand exactly what you mean... but
Did you choose the right contacts when you choose what to export?
mistyflyAuthor Commented:
Sorry, all done now I didn't include subfolders. Cheers guys
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