How to fetch and display the records of various fields from database on the click of records of one field fetched from database with the help of ajax?

can u help me with the simple ajax application in which i am showing records of 1 field from database and on the click of that , its details are shown with ajax.
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I once wrote a very simple ajax script that should help you get started.

All you would go is modify the php file to return your results from your database instead of what the example is returning. This is the most simple ajax tutorial I know of:

The script can take whatever if types into those fields and can do anything in php with it. So if you type a 1 you could make it look up record #1 in your database. If you type a name you can have it look up the name and return the results.

Let me know what specific questions you have about getting your script to work and I'll be glad to help.
designersxAuthor Commented:
sir this is not i want.

i am saying that i have a database, suppose there are 2 fields.
name    age

yogesh  23
deepak  27

on the front end,
deepak are shown, when i click on yogesh 23 is shown, when i click on deepak 27 is shown with ajax.

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