Oracle 11g vs MS SQL 2008

Our SMALL business is condering a database upgrade and woule like an expert's view of how Oracle 11g compares to MS SQL 2008. Is there a clear winner between the two? To help with the process here is our environment:
1. All  Microsoft operating environment (though we are not opposed to others)
2. Analysis exercies on large volume of data (range of 500mb to 50gb in size)
3. No frequent DUI (delete, update, inserts) on a row level, however large chunks of data could be subject to DUI
4. currently on MS SQL 2005 and Oracle 10.2.3

All advice is appreciated sincerely
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RiteshShahConnect With a Mentor Commented:
after viewing your requirement, I guess you should go for SQL Server as your data requirement is not too big so both of them will support. Since you are using microsoft OS, you can go for MS product and cost wise you will get SQL Server in cheap price than Oracle.
choochimAuthor Commented:
I apologize for a slight ommission in the database size info. On the environment listing, the item#2 should have read as follows:

2. Analysis exercies on large volume of data (range of 500mb to 50gb in size ) per database. At any given time we support 30-40 such databases upon which our analyst are running their queries against.
even though, both the RDBMS will support your need.
Chris MConnect With a Mentor Consulting - Technology ServicesCommented:
Both Oracle and MSSQL can fully support your business needs however you may cut costs on licensing when you setup SQL server as opposed to Oracle. You will also get to enjoy support from a single vendor since both your OS and the database will be from Microsoft (if you choose SQL server) so issues are resolved faster especially when the cause of the database issue is an OS patch or an OS bug.
That's all I have to say.
You can have same vendor support from Oracle too (Oracle DB / Oracle Linux) and OS support will cost less.
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