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I have many presentations with agenda slides. If I make a change to the agenda I need to update all slides. The structure of the first agenda slide is:
Section 1 (highlighted with a fill color)
* Description of section 1
Section 2
* Description of section 2

The second agenda slide will look like this:
Section 1
* Summary of section 1
Section 2 (highlighted with a fill color)
* Description of section 2

This is a very nice way of presenting but a pain to update if something changes.

What I want to do is to create a macro which takes information from e.g. a hidden slide and copies the right information to all agenda slides.

1) Can I name the different textboxes in a easy way? (section1_description, section1_summary etc)
2) Can multiple textboxes have the same name?
3) How can I create the macro that actually copies the information?

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GlennaShawConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It might be worth your while to purchase this:
Also see this: It's a bit of a long thread, but basically it lets you search and replace test in multiple presentations
Or you could get this tool:
A very easy method to do this is to create a single slide presentation containing the agenda and copy, paste link into your multiple presentations.  Resize it to fit the entire slide.  When you change the one agenda presentation it will update all the others.  On the down side, if you distribute the presentations you'll need to keep both files together if you want the other party to update that slide,
See:  Although this is talking about copying and pasting excel, it works the same for a slide.
There's also this VB code example:
emarkmanAuthor Commented:
Hi GlennaShaw,
this would work if all the agenda slides looked the same way but as I wrote in my first post this is not the case. You could say that each of these slides are a subset of the main agenda. After each section is presented the description of that section changes into a summary of the section. Also the "highlight" is changed to the next section. See the attached example. Sorry for the confusion, hope this makes it more clear.
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Did you check out the Code Sample?
Will it always be formatted like your PDF?
Will there ever be a section 3 or section 4, etc...
Within the sections will there always be only two things (description or summary) etc...?
emarkmanAuthor Commented:
Hi, since we did not find an exact solution I have downgraded it a bit. Hope you understand
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