Printing in Visio 2003

When I display the page in print preview, it looks just fine, I select print /current view/Size to fit in one sheet the OK. the page gets printed but it truncates the content.

is there any way to print the visio page without truncating the content on it?

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You can try to go to printer property to shrink and zoom instead.


export it out as a picture
and print it out
jskfanAuthor Commented:
<<export it out as a picture>>>

I saved it as windows bitmap and it worked

<<<You can try to go to printer property to shrink and zoom instead.>>>
I can find it
Scott HelmersVisio Consultant, Trainer, Author, and DeveloperCommented:
Select File/Page Setup... on the Visio main menu, then select Fit to 1 sheet across and 1 sheet down as shown below.

BTW, this setting is per page so you'll need to do it separately for each page.

jskfanAuthor Commented:
Excellent Guys!!
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