Windows 2008 Backup

Looking at the 'Restore' part of Win2008 backup there is a drop-down date entry for each previous backup. This I assume means that the backup size is getting larger and larger every backup, so what stops it eventually filling the disk wiuth previous backup states? I can't see an 'overwrite existing back' as in 2003.

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PeteConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
there is a 'keep existing versions' switch in wbadmin that can be set to a sensible number.
C-ShadowsEngineer - SupportCommented:
C-ShadowsEngineer - SupportCommented:
PeteAuthor Commented:
OK so why are the previous bakups listed (by date) if the guide from the links above say (when choosing the backup destinantion):

A message informs you that the selected disk will be formatted and any existing data will be deleted.
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