The program did not start on the remote computer

I have a new windows 2008 terminal server set up. I am attempting to publish an application and it was working briefly but now I am getting the error "The program did not start on the remote computer" when I try to run the application remotely from the server. but I can't seem to find any information on this error.

please help.
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mattolanAuthor Commented:
ok I found the problem and seem to have gotten it working. The program in question depends on a mapped drive to another server to function and the problem seems to be that when the user connects to terminal server it does not wait for the logon scripts to map the drive. it just runs the program. which of course then fails becuase the drive doesn't exist.

so for the moment I have just manually mapped the drive on the terminal server and this seem to have fixed my problem.
Does the application work from the server itself?
What group is the server a member of in AD? is the server object a member of terminal servers group?
mattolanAuthor Commented:
yes, the program does run from the server itself.

I can also run the Caclulater as a terminal services program and it runs fine.

the server is a member of the following AD groups
Domain Computers
Terminal Server Computers
Terminal Server License Servers
ok great. you can make a bat file that deletes and readds the mapped drives and place in programs startup of the user profiles. that bat should fire on each login correctly mapping the drives for you.
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