Best hard disk cloning software

I need to clone 10 different pcs hard disks, so that I can quickly recover them in the event of a disaster, or migrate them to another pc.
Does anyone use a product that would do this and if so how good is what you are using in your experience?
All the pc's are running Windows XP.
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There are several good disk cloning programs, like Norton Ghost, Acronis, etc,
I always use Active@diskimage because it´s much faster than the other programs.
I used Acronis Migrate Easy and everything went just great.
eymsITAuthor Commented:
Do these products allow me to use them for multiple pc's, or are they 1-pc licences?
This is what i read on their website

Personal Personal License - for non-commercial purposes. Can be used for up to 3 PCs in one household. The Personal License will be assigned to the individual's name.
   Corporate Corporate License - for commercial use. With a Corporate License the company can use the program in a business, academic, or government environment. The Corporate License will be assigned to the company's name.
    Enterprise Enterprise License - provides unlimited licensing for corporation at all company's offices and branches (worldwide). An Enterprise license includes 20 licenses for Microsoft Windows Vista-based bootable CD/DVD Disk. If you need more licenses for the Vista-based bootable Windows CD/DVD, you need to purchase them separately.
Windows Boot Disk Lite Licenses:  ($20/license)  
eymsITAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot for your help, much appreciated.
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