JAX-WS web services with MyEclipse

If anyone here has experience with JAX-WS in Eclipse, or especially MyEclipse, how do you name your services / packages? I ask, because when I create a single package for my services (foo.services), and then create a POJO in the package and create a web service with the wizard, the code is generated under .apt_generated/foo/services/jaxws directory according to the package name and method name, so presumably if I have multiple classes with the same method name in that package, there will be a clash.

This is what I mean:

I write:

{package name}/FooService.java and add an Add method to FooService

MyEclipse / JAX-WS Annotation Processing Tool generates:

.apt_generated/{package name}/jaxws/{method name}.java

My approach with services is to use CRUD operations per each domain object, or whatever makes sense in my application. Usually I instantiate with Spring. However, mapping them to JAX-WS is a bit confusing, because I cannot find good documentation on how JAX-WS expects namespaces / packages. I do not like having a different package for each web service, but is this what is required?
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mrjoltcolaAuthor Commented:
I ended up using a package per service, to solve the clash. This is the only option I see, besides using a single, large service class.
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