Can the ActiveX Installation Service Group Policy for Vista be set from the server end for all clients?

I know how to configure the AxIS policy at a Vista client but need to know if this can be set as a Group Policy that is deployed from an SBS2003 server so all Vista machines have it turned on and configured automatically via Group Policy.

I have RSAT (Remote Server Admin Toolkit) for Vista SP1 installed and can see the DS GPOs.  Ok, now what?

TechNet documentation typically opaque or missing.

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JBlondConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have to copy the ADMX-files to the Sysvol\PolicyDefinitions-folder to manage them centrally.

Then you should fin the settings in
Computer Configuration\ Administrative Templates\Windows Components\ActiveX Installer Service.

You can only configure these settings from a Vista or Windows Server 2008 computer.
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