Mail For Exchange Connectivity Issue on Nokia N-Series [n85]

Unable to Connect to Mail Server Using Mail For Exchange
Error Recieved: Access Refused. Mandatory server policy Failed. Contact your Exchange administrator.
email: <name>
Domain: dir
Exchange Server: <xxx>.mail.<companyname>.com
Symbian OS: v9.3

I am able to connect using Road Sync Mail Client on my phone. How ever not using M4E. Even it doesnt connect on other N Series phones like n95, n96 etc.

How ever Mail for Exchange works fine from E - Series phones.

Any solution for this issue ?
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I just did a quick search on the Nokia site and they confirmed what I was expecting--sounds like your Exchange server has some policies in place that force certain security settings to be enabled on a mobile device before it will be allowed to sync with the Exchange server.

According to the Nokia site, "Non-Eseries devices do not support the security features that many network administrators enforce. This can prevent Mail for Exchange from synchronizing data to your device. If you think you may be experiencing this problem look in File manager > MailForExchange > admin_log.txt for the text, "This device is unable to implement all requested password policies." Currently the only solution for this is to reduce the server security requirements "

If you go to this URL:

enter in your region and device model number you'll see this notification that I pasted.
cynxAuthor Commented:
Yes, my Log shows the same. But it is not possible for me to Change Server Settings ! I don't have access to them. This is sad :-(
Unfortunately, from what Nokia is saying, it looks like only the E-series phones work with the security settings, so I don't really think there's much you can do about it besides use the other software you're talking about.
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