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Dear Experts;

We recently installed a new Presentation Server 4.5.  (retiring an older platform).  
At this point we are finding that some users printers are auto-creating, while others with exactly the same printer will not auto-create.  

At first we thought it was the creation of the printers the ctx_cpsvcuser rights - something along those lines.  However -

User 1 signs onto desktop1 - no printer created
User 2 signs on to desktop2 - printer created
User 1 signs onto desktop2 - no printer created
User 2 signs onto desktop 1 - printer created

My belief is that the problem is that the user profile is not updating properly, somewhere on the server - Citrix believe User 1 does not auto create (or isn't suppose to) and User 2 can auto-create.  

Auto-create printers worked perfectly in PS4.0 and All users can use printers created on the server.

Any insights is greatly appreciated.  Su

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sgillilandConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
recreated old users
Craig RoberdsConnect With a Mentor MISCommented:
If you create a brand new user does his printer autocreate?

Are you using the citrix UPD or the printers native drivers?  When you say desktop 1 and 2, do you mean that depends on which citrix server they log in to?

Also what is the message you are getting in the event viewer?  Are you getting the typical 1106 or 1107 Event ID's or something different?

sgillilandAuthor Commented:
Brand new user = yes, the printer auto-creates

Print Drivers = Windows 2003 native and citrix upd if not available
"desktop" = the desktop local to the remote user(s) - his workstation
Logon to only (1) Citrix server

There is no message for printers that fail to create at all, the message for printers that do create is the annoyance print manager fail message 1107

All users can print to there server defined location network printers.

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