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    Prior to verson 2007, if I had Word open and I wanted to see the last several documents that had been opened, I could click File and then I'd see a list of them (assuming the settings for that hadn't been changed to zero).
     If I wanted to see the last several documents that had been opened in Word 2007, how would I do that?
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The recently used list gets changed everytime you change the number of recently used. The maximum is 50 documents, but they won't get tracked unless you have the number set to 50 when you open them. Also, you can pin your documents to the recently used menu. Toggle the stick pin in and out to pin the document so it won't drop out of the menu.

Dawn Bleuel
Word MVP
john8217Author Commented:
    OK, I found out where it is. If I click the Office button, there it is, listed under "Recent Documents." But now I have another, related question.
     I open the Office button for this one PC and there is nothing listed there. But when I go to the settings for that (Office button \ Advanced \ Display section \ "Show this number of Recent Documents," it is set to 17. I thought maybe it was set to 0, but no, its at 17.
     Ok, so where are my last 17 documents? Why are they not listed?
17 is the default for Word 07. Have you opened all those documents with Word 2007? I ask because it doesn't bring your history from Word 2003 with it when you upgrade.

If you are accessing across a network, I've noticed at my own work, that it won't store non-local documents. Depending on the file locations and network settings you might not see those files come up.
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